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Cleaning with Soap

interior Detailing

What do my detailing services include? See below: 

interior Detailing
Service description

This Includes treating the hard-to-reach cracks and crevices that are often overlooked. We use vapor steam to clean the vehicle's dashboard, vents, center console, cup holder area, seats, doors, and carpets. Commercial vapor steam equipment and proper usage is a rarity amongst auto detailers because of the investment required to attain it. We also use special vacuum attachments to get between seats and hard-to-reach areas. We then protect all interior surfaces with an aerospace protectant. We can even treat headliners to remove stubborn stains that are often neglected by other services. Check out the pricing below. 


interior Detailing Pricing


Small Sized Vehicle

$120 - $150

Large Sized Vehicle

$160 - $170

Mold Removal 


Med Sized Vehicle

$140- $160

Full Interior

including pet hair removal


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